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February 26-27, 2022



Fort Tuthill County Park, 2446 Fort Tuthill Loop Rd , Flagstaff, AZ, USA




Arrive one hour before your wave time, which will be emailed to you one week before the race. You will also receive an e-waiver, please read and sign it.

There will be ample free parking.

Check In

Get Ready

Get Set

Present your e-ticket, waiver, and ID at the entrance. You will need all three to compete.

Change and drop off your bag. There will be a Changing Tent and a Bag Drop Tent

Head over to the race site, where we will go over all the rules of the game. Take 15 minutes to stretch and prepare for the race. 


Let the races begin! It will take 2-3 hours to complete. After the race, you will be taken back to the festival site. Meet up with your family and friends for an all day after party!

We welcome spectators of all ages!

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  • Will have their own track along the course so they can cheer you on.

  • May take pictures and record videos.

  • May not assist race participants in any way.

  • Must sign a waiver before gaining entry to the racetrack.

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Million Dollar Race - Win a Million Dollars - You can do it.png

What to Bring

Proper Footwear

Bring a comfy pair of shoes like flip flops for the festival and sneakers for the race. 


Garbage Bag

Bring a garbage bag or reusable wet bag to put your dirty clothing in.


Bring your printed ticket or your phone so you can show your e-ticket at the entrance.

Reusable Water Bottle

Staying hydrated during the race will help regulate your body temperature.

Anti-Chafe Cream

Anti-chafe cream helps prevent a rash between your legs while you're running.

Sun Hat

Protect your head and stay cool in the heat with a baseball hat or other brimmed hat.

Change of Clothing

After the race, change your sweaty clothing for fresh threads. Bring a towel to change behind.

Sunscreen & Sunglasses

Wear UV-protected sports sunglasses and waterproof sunscreen.

ID & Credit/Debit Card

Bring your photo ID for registration and a credit/debit card for food or bag drop. We’re a cashless venue.

What to Wear


Dress comfortably. Look for lightweight moisture-wicking fabrics that pull sweat away from your body. Bring dry clothing to change into after the race so you can enjoy the after party in style.


Wear leggings or shorts that will allow you to jump and roll, and go over and under obstacles. Do the “squat test” to make sure your bottoms won’t rip on the course. The idea is maximum durability.


Wear normal running shoes that fit you well. Shoes with spikes or cleats and bare feet are strictly prohibited on the course. Choose comfortable shoes that are already broken in. If you wear brand new shoes, you might end up with a blister on the course.


Garbage Bag (for dirty clothing)
Anti Chafe Cream
Reusable Water Bottle

If it's cold: gloves

If it's hot: sunhat, sunglasses, sunscreen

$100,000 CASH PRIZE

Million Dollar Race - Win a Million Dollars - Koalified.png

Make a hundred grand in one day! This is a regional race. After participating in the race, you will be KOALIFIED to run nationals for a chance to win ONE MILLION DOLLARS


And don’t worry — the race is designed to give you the same odds of winning as even the fastest, fittest competitors.  


Bring your family and friends. Dress up in fun and creative outfits for your chance to win a group vacation. Form a group of up to ten or keep it small with just you and a partner.

Million Dollar Race - Win a Million Dollars - Get Tickets.png

February 26-27, 2022


SAVE $60


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